About Us

Keep slender is the top e-commerce partner for several of the most prominent shaperwear Brands in Europe. Our international product line offers more than 80 specialized styles available in 10 sizes from 3XS to 6XL. This ensures we have the right garment for every daily use and even aesthetic treatment as well .

For over 5 years, top plastic surgeons have chosen our Brands for their patient's postoperative care throughout the Europe.

These physicians agree that their patients consistently have better results when using our products over all other regular brands, following their surgical or aesthetic procedures. We are their best ally in all follow-up care, where gradual pressure is required during the patient's recuperation time.

All our shaperwears exceed the highest international quality standards. With a return rate below 15% for the last 6 consecutive years of all garments sold worldwide, our commitment to quality shows up in all our product sold in more than 100 stores in United Kingdom and 30 international franchisees. You know when choosing our brands, that our support, our commitment, and our focus is on you, for your own daily use and enjoyment.

We also show our commitment to you with our complete satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not feel that this is the best made, most comfortable garment available anywhere worldwide, please return the garment within 30 days of your purchase , for a full refund of your money. You have also 30 days after you purchase to send the product back in the case there are any defects in the snaps or seams. We hope you will agree that keep slender are the world's leaders in comfort and durability.